Jubbaland Elders Send message to James Swan


Dear James,

Jubbaland communities condemn with their strongest terms against Kenya’s interference into Somalia’s affairs specifically in Jubbaland.  Against all humanitarian laws, Kenya has been carrying out war crimes against civilians including children, women and elderly in Jubbaland specifically in Gedo region where it continues its systematic clan cleansing.

Across Jubbaland, all communities declare that they did not select/elect former Deputy Al-Shabab leader Ahmed Madoobe as a Jubbaland President.  We are rejecting Federal Government’s recognition of Ahmed Madoobe for two years.  This is not the wish of Jubbaland people.

United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia and international community are expected to help Somalia to hold free and fair democratic elections both in regions and center, but it appears that The UN and international community continue to give a blind eye to warlord Madoobe’s disregard to Provincial Constitution, democratic principles, Jubbaland customs and traditions and his Machiavellian style of seizing power .  This is the third time Madoobe declaring himself as Jubbaland President with the barrel of gun.  The injustices, killings, robbery, deportation and rape in Jubbaland perpetrated by Madoobe militias are forcing young men and women to join Al-Shabab.  Your silence is not helpful but rather a destructive one.  We are asking United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia and international community to practice what you breach in regard to democratic values and use your leverage for free and fair elections in Jubbaland.  If actions are not taken sooner or later this region may explode.

Finally elders, intellectuals, youth and women in Jubbaland declare that the only way to get inclusive and peaceful Jubbaland is to hold free, transparent and fair election and revisit how Jubbaland’s Assembly was allocated by  former IGAD Ambassador to Somalia Mr. Afeey and former IGAD Facilitator Mr Gabre which was against the Federal Provincial Constitution and so called Madoobe’s Constitution.  On top of atrocities in Jubbaland, seat allocation is one of the core disputes in the region.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jubbaland Elders

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