An immediate Extension or Unconditional Election the choice is yours


Traditionally the true Somali patriotic people will not accept a forceful will of others and never kneel-down their hostile enemies. Surely, it is they and their collaborators who obviously are the heedless losers at the end.

So, let us remind Jubaland leader Mr. AIM & Puntland leader SAD who, believing it the tutelary saint of the so-called international community and serving them as a God send fearsome guardians.

Based on this honest truth, I was certain that the current FGS is representing this national cultural value, has already sent a clear notice to those foreigners bracketed HALNE compound that it will no longer tolerated any crooked intervening forces of Somali internal affairs.

Now, Madobe and Deni must come out from the hiding and sign elections terms before its too late or else. Enough is enough.

Yusuf Duale, RJA/JCC Chairman

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