A Courageous Politician With Real CHaracter And Integrity

This is Mr. Abdifitah Ibrahim Gesey (Pictured on the left with the PM: Khaire).
A former federal minister of public works, reconstruction & housing of the Federal Republic of Somalia who resigned on December 16, 2018.
A courageous politician with real character, and integrity. In fact, he is the only Somali politician- That I know of in recent years-who officially resigned because of disagreements with the Somali government, especially over disagreements regarding how issues related to his constituent was being handled by the government. I must say he is very unique in this regard.
I must say there was another Somali politician, Mr. Abdikarim Hussein Guled who officially resigned on 24 May 2014, as a National Security Minister, following an attack by the Al-Shabaab militant group on the parliamentary building in Mogadishu. He did that just because he wanted to give a chance to those who might do a better job than him. That itself was an honorable decision, but instead of commending him for that, some Somalis called him a failed politician, just because they never saw a Somali politician resigning, let alone from a ministerial post.
I say this because normally Somali politicians don’t resign over anything. They agree with the government on everything just to keep their post, or at least go along with the government when they disagree, but once they are removed from the government post, they shamefully start saying all sorts of negative staff against the government, even over issues they should have resigned bravely. I will not despise-As I always do to such politicians- if and when he says anything negative about the government/N&N, especially over the issue on which he courageously resigned.
Indeed Mr. Abdifitah Ibrahim Gesey was absolutely different. Remember! We must admit the good stuff we see in each other, even when we are at the opposite sides of the aisle.
I must admit that I am a hardcore/die hard supporter of the government/N&N.
I also dislike saying good stuff about those who oppose the government on every single thing or the so-called opposition, but I couldn’t resist to say good things about this man whom I don’t know personally at all.
I must also declare that this post is not intended to say anything negative about my friends who worked for the government/N&N before, and “Practice their freedom of speech” NOW, after being removed from their government posts.
By: Abdulkadir M. Osman (Abdi Boqor)
BBA, MBA, PhD (Candidate)

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